Cuu Vi Quan Giai Cake

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Sau khi thống nhất non sông một dải, từ ải Nam Quan đến mũi Cà Mau, những vị vua Nguyễn đầu triều Gia Long, Minh Mạng đã bắt tay vào việc xây dựng quan chế, định đặt triều nghi theo những chuẩn mực của Nho giáo, một nền tảng tư tưởng thường được chọn lựa để ổn định và quản lý xã hội ở hầu hết những triều đại quân chủ Á Đông.

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Cultural features of the Nguyen Dynasty

After uniting the mountains, from Nam Quan beach to Ca Mau cape, the Nguyen kings at the beginning of Gia Long dynasty, Minh Mang embarked on the building of the bureaucracy, set the imperial court according to Confucian standards. , an ideological basis often chosen for social stability and management in most Asian monarchies.

In the third year of Gia Long’s reign (1804), the king carried out the standardization and reorganization of the mandarin system, the history book called Gia Long official official, until the 8th Minh Mang year (1827) the regulations under Gia Long Dynasty were amended. exchanging, supplementing and putting into the institutional title (Quan Minh Mang), common application to the later dynasties.

 Cuu Vi Quan Giai Cake
Cuu Vi Quan Giai Cake

In addition to demarcating the position and position in the royal court by titles and titles, the mandarin system was divided into two divisions: Văn, Võ (Văn matters, Võ-stage) with nine products from the Nine Products to the First Product. Each product is divided into two orders Chanh and Tong. Nine products of Literature and Martial Arts are called Nine dignitaries.

The Book of Kham Kham Dai Nam Cong told that the writing of Van Chanh Chanh was the best, the vestments of the dynasty included a round hat of Phô head, attached with a golden ball, decorated with hermaphrodite in front; a purple woven T-shirt with con; Siamese embroidered crane flower alternating with red flowers; black hia, square head; brocade socks. Martial arts of the righteous stage have the same clothes, but they use the style of square hat, and unicorn embroidery … Or in the lower order, the literature of the five dignitaries regulates the round neck, made of sa , green, green, blue sections, … swallow embroidery with Terns and clouds on a red background; tortoise shell mosaic belt with silver cover. Martial arts and the same hierarchy have similar costumes, but use a square head hat and a bust on the cheetah with cheetah pictures…

With the granting of titles, specific dignity to those who have merit, or passed through the candidates for talent selection, the Nguyen Dynasty mandarins’ products mark the talents, merits and dedication of each individuals with the concept of “cultivating oneself, taking care of the family, ruling the country, pacifying the world”, is a sign of their status and also the face, reflecting the prosperity of the monarchy.

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